What kind of work do you do?

ReImagine Science was established (under our former name, Yámana Science and Technology) to promote active and effective modes of conducting scientific research and science education in the United States. We work in service of this vision through the following activities.

  1. We host, or co-host, conferences and workshops. The overall goal is to facilitate assessment of what is working well and where there are great opportunities for improvement.  Network/Collaboration.  Our collaborative work includes partnerships with groups such as  Franchise for Humanity (Silicon Valley), Global CoLab Network’s Living Room Salons (Washington DC), and TEDxLivermore (Northern California).  Collaborations include California Health Medical Reserve Corps, Program for the Future, The Future of Text, The Future of Research, and regional initiatives in various parts of the USA.
  2. We collect and share models for ‘best practices’ from other sectors.  Our richest resources have been in the technology sector (Silicon Valley has been a strong base for us), with many exemplars in software engineering. We are exploring structures such as self-management, flat organizational structures, and scrum, as well as models for coaching, mentoring, and working with groups to increase effectiveness.  We connect with communities and organizations that are at the forefront of new models, ideas, and practices for change that create effective organizations.
  3. We expand opportunities for dialogue between scientists and society at large.  We are learning how the scientific community (faculty, science majors) interacts with and trains teachers for K-12 education.