Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation & the future of text

tweet of FoT talkDec 9th and 10th completes two days of talks and facilitated Rapid Future Forecasting at the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation.  The Moore Foundation provided a beautiful setting for two days of intense information sharing and interactive peering into the future of text and technology.  See our mindmap of the work-day (day 2) of the event here.


Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, Page Mill Rd Palo Alto


Howard Rheingold (author, teacher, artist), Ted Nelson (inventor of Hypertext),  Bob Horn (inventor of visual language),  Joy Mountford, (UX interface pioneer), Bob Stein (of Voyager, the first multimedia books), Jane Yellowlees Douglas of the University of Florida, Bob Belford, Daniel Berleant & Michael Bauer of  the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Adriano Ferrari (developer, Gingko App), Barry Kayton (of Cognition), Kennan Salinero (ReImagine Science), Stan Gould (Knowledge Communities Federation), Adam Cheyer (co-inventor of SIRI), Timour Shchoukine (co-founder, GlobalNeuroWeb), Jack Park (Topic Mapping), G. Pascal Zachary journalist, author and teacher of  Arizona State University, Jeff Conklin (CogNexus, Dialog Mapping), Pete Forsyth (Wiki Strategies), Mark Stahlman (the Center for the Study of Digital Life) and Frode Hegland, (teacher and developer of Author), and many more created a two day journey that was based in a deep appreciation of Doug Engelbart’s ‘Mother of All Demos‘ nearly half a century ago ~ Dec 8, 1968.

Most of the people at this combination of rapid-fire presentations (10 minutes at the mic, followed by 5 minutes of reflection or questions), followed by a hands-on work day, had worked with or knew Doug Engelbart at one time or another.

ReImagine Science co-organized this event in our work to create bridges between the hi tech sector and basic scientific research.