What does my donation support?

The events that convene stakeholders across different domains of science, as well as members of society that have a stake in what science does (or are citizen scientists themselves!).  We also help fund like-minded organizations to create critical mass in a new approach in how we ‘do’ science, including She’s Geeky Unconferences (held nationally), and the Bioscience Forum (in South San Francisco).  Money also supports our Third Space events, our participation in key scientific events and meetings where policy changes are being discussed, and our networking of organizations that work toward a positive future for science and for the planet.

How can I get involved in your organization’s work, and what will my participation support?

Email us!  At:  contact@reimaginescience.org

Or call.  Kennan’s number is (925)584-8788.

Donations make a difference.  Anywhere from the price of a cup of coffee to $100,000 – it all makes a difference in what we are able to move ahead on.

Your participation supports hope for the future of young scientists, a more robust science community, and better integration of science and society.  Which supports a better future for the planet.