KennanKennan Kellaris Salinero

Executive Director and President, ReImagine Science

Hello and welcome!  I am the ‘initiator’ for forming the ReImagine Science tribe.  I am a scientist myself, and gathered some dear friends and fellow scientists (and one marketing specialist from the information technology sector) to create this organization, beginning with discussions and brainstorming in 2007.

I’m a PhD biochemist, and have worked at two national labs (both Los Alamos and Livermore National Labs), was on the faculty of the Chemistry Department at Georgetown University for a handful of years, and worked for Celera Genomics during the completion of the human genome project (a very rewarding experience).

I have also been doing research in the field of genomics at Åbo Akademi in Finland, looking at evolutionary patterns as a follow up from my recent work finishing and annotating the soil microbe Dechloromonas aromatica.  Most of the time I work full-time on projects for ReImagine Science.

My proximity to Silicon Valley has lead to many productive collaborations, including with Franchise for Humanity, as a sponsor and co-lead for the 40th Anniversary of the invention of TCP/IP (the backbone of the internet), California Health Corps, and the Global Innovation Summit.  I continue to work to bring new ideas and new ways of ‘doing’ work from the innovative edge of the technology sector into the basic science research community.

I am particularly interested in the necessity and power of allowing self-organization of complex systems.

RichRichard Stafford

Board Member at Large

Rich studied biochemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and went on to receive a Ph.D. is Chemistry at the University of California in San Diego. His post doctoral position at the George Washington University Medical Center involved understanding the chemistry of oxygen radical in tissue damage and repair. His subsequent work at Gillette Research Institute, involved new product formulations, delivery of active ingredients across the skin, and invention of new aerosol delivery systems (for which he holds several patents).

After Gillette Research Institute, Rich moved to a start-up biotech company, Clearant Inc., where he used his formulation experience to invent cryoprotectant formulations to protect transplant tissue from damage during gamma radiation sterilization. Rich is currently working at sister companies Protein Potential LLC and Sanaria Inc. At Protein Potential he works on process development for recombinant protein vaccine candidates. He is also part of the development team for production of a live attenuated malaria parasite vaccine, which is currently in Phase I clinical trials. Leading a busy work-life, Rich also works on manufacturing operations support and quality assurance/quality control.

AmyAmy Asleson

Board Member at Large

Amy works as the Director of Hospital Accreditation for a large healthcare system in Minnesota with the express goal of finding ways to help hospitals meet regulatory requirements while keeping the focus on creating an environment of high quality of care for all patients.

She has a diverse educational background including a BA in Political Science from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, an RN degree from Anoka Ramsey Community College in Minnesota and a Masters of Healthcare Administration from  Almeda College and University, an online program.

Amy has worked in a variety of settings, starting in campaign politics while still in high school, then moving into the healthcare setting.  After obtaining her RN license she specialized in critical care nursing and worked as a Sexual Assault Resource Nurse in Minnesota before making the transition into healthcare administration.

As the founding webmaster and former Board Member of the Rum River Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the founding President of the Minnesota Chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses, she has discovered a true passion in driving change at the grassroots level.

ShekharShekhar Jha


Shekhar Jha received his B.Sc. (Honors) in Physical Therapy from the Delhi University, India and Ph.D. in Anatomy and Neurobiology from the Virginia Commonwealth University. During his PhD, he utilized tissue engineering and nanotechnology to develop therapies for improving the rate of nerve regeneration after peripheral nerve injuries. He is presently a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institutes of Health. His current research work is focused on developing and optimizing protocols for different fates for pluripotent stem cells based on developmental biology pathways.

Coming from the domains of both clinician and researcher, Shekhar believes that science can be more productive by involving the end-users of a project’s outcome (e.g. physicians or patients) during the planning phase, allowing the researcher to assess the project’s applicability and significance from the first stages. Besides being a promoter of collaborative research, Shekhar sees great potential in new approaches to comprehensive data mining.

Using ReImagine Science as the platform, Shekhar expects to influence other scientists, policy makers, and legacy builders for a better future of science.